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Yaacobi, slices of life and Spirituality

Originally from Paris, Yaacobi is a painter, haredi, and lived in Jerusalem for 14 years. Blow of heart from  a  Jerusalemite gallery, he exhibited for the first time from 13 March 2013 to 14 April 2013, in Israel, in Jerusalem.


Yaacobi: paint the face of things

Yaacobi lived in Jerusalem for 14 years. Until recently, his paintings remained in his studio out of sight, the time to better understand Israeli society and melted in it completely. For Hamodia Magazine, he agreed to talk about his work, his environment and give us some keys to better appreciate his paintings.


Yaacobi entered on Israeli art scene

Arrived in Jerusalem 14 years ago, this former Parisian has, all this time, left his paintings in the private sphere. Today, and thanks to a gallery in the capital, it is exposed and reveals his talent for all to see. The Jewish art exists, and is more than ever glorified. Colors, black and white, taliths and Hebrew letters, Jacob's ladder, Yaacobi has absorbed its hiérosolomytain environment, before passing on his own ... Art.