Delivery address

Your order can be delivered to the address of your choice (relative, friend, work place ...).
The delivery address must be complete to ensure delivery optimale. A space "message" is available on the screen "delivery address" and can be completed at the time of entering your contact information (whether necessary information that will facilitate the delivery: door code, floor, special instructions ...).
Delivery issues
You are not there on the day of delivery:
A notice is deposited in your mailbox.
You must pick up your package at the post office.
Your package is not delivered the expected date:
You do not receive your package within as announced by e-mail confirmation, you should contact your post office to see if the package is pending.
If you do not have information, you can contact our customer service No. (33) 1 77 47 22 75 who will make every effort to ensure the delivery of your package as soon as possible.